Adult beginners' introductory course –  no vacancies, registration for waiting list
Group E2, guitar classes in English on Fridays 19:00–20:30
  • six sessions, 90 minutes each, starting weekly from September 8, 2023
  • up to six participants in the group
  • the price of the course is €180 (€50 upon registration, €130 in single or multiple installments)
  • guitar rent for the whole duration of the course is 20 euros
This class is an intensive, but playful course for beginners that will give you all the tools for starting the hobby of playing guitar. You will learn how to play simple melodies and how to strum easy chords, you will learn how to read TABs and chord diagrams, and you will get some music theory to back up the practical skills.

If you commit to practicing daily in addition to weekly lessons, you will see some really nice progress over a short period of time. However, if you don’t have too much time to practice at home, you won’t fall behind. The new skills will just not be too much exercised, but still, you’ll be able to move forward after the course is completed — either with the Guitarium’s follow-up course or on your own, with the help of Youtube or other self-learning platforms.

If you are not a complete beginner guitar player, ask about learning opportunities.

Guitarium's English page contains only the classes, that are conducted in English. For the full list of classes, please switch the language on this website to Estonian.

Select the class and fill in the registration form. The general conditions and information about billing are available here, please read through them carefully.

Tuition fees paid for children studying at Guitarium are considered training costs and 20% of income tax is refunded (more information from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board).