You can apply for a membership at Guitarium once you have finished an introductory course or taken six individual 45-minutes lessons.

SCHEDULE 2022/2023
Season starts on the 6th of September 2022

  • Group E3, beginners' follow-up class – Wednesdays at 17:00–18:00 (60 min)
  • Group E5, beginners' follow-up class – Sundays 12:15–13:45 (90 min)
  • Group F1, advanced players' class –  Wednesdays 18:15–19:45 (90 min)
  • Group G1, advanced notation readers' class – Tuesdays 18:30–20:00 (90 min)
No sessions during school breaks!

  • Membership fee and Musico account     10 €
  • Group lesson 45 minutes     12 €
  • Group lesson 60 minutes     15 €
  • Group lesson 90 minutes     18 €
  • Individual lesson 45 minutes     30 €
  • Monthly guitar rent     5 €

  • better prices for all lessons and guitar rentals
  • in case of absence from the group class, you do not have to pay – you pay only for the classes you attend
  • your own timeline in
    • personal notes, exercises, audio files, videos, and musical memories stored in one place together
    • new tasks in Musico, and one exciting challenge once a year
    • the teacher will give feedback on the video uploaded to your Musico account within two days
  • a priority for booking individual lessons
  • for an individual lesson longer than 45 minutes, you can request a better price
  • if you have attended at least three individual lessons in one month, you will receive an additional discount of -10%
  • The membership fee of 10€ per month must be paid even if you do not participate in any group or individual lessons.
  • To maintain membership, tuition invoices issued by Guitarium must be paid on time.
  • If membership is no longer topical for you, send us a notification of termination one month beforehand.