Julia studied to be a guitar teacher at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater (EAMT). In 2007, she received an MA in the pedagogy of interpretation. She has worked at several schools, including Tallinn Music High School, Saku Music School, Tallinn Music School and Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium. Many of her students have been successful in national and international competitions, and many have continued their careers as professional musicians and guitar teachers. Julia has supervised the internships and theses of university-level guitar students and conducted guitar teachers' training sessions in cooperation with the EAMT Continuing Education Center.

In 2005–10, Julia was part of the Tallinn Guitar Quartet, alongside Heiki Mätlik, Kristo Käo, and Jorma Puusaag. In 2008–13, she was the chairwoman of the Estonian Guitar Society and organized several festivals, competitions, guitar camps, and advanced training sessions for teachers. She has been a jury member at guitar competitions, assembled classical guitar syllabi for the Estonian Union of Music Schools, and translated instructional guitar books from English into Estonian (for Sinisukk and Tänapäev)

Julia has also studied cultural management and has worked as a producer for several opera, ballet, and other musical theatre projects. She has a master's degree in andragogy and has obtained the level 7 qualification as an adult educator. She is an honorary member of Estonian Guitar Society.

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