JULIA REINMAN, guitar teacher

Julia studied to be a guitar teacher at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater (EAMT). In 2007, she received an MA in the pedagogy of interpretation. She has worked at several schools, including Tallinn Music High School, Saku Music School, Tallinn Music School and Music School of Collegium Educationis Revaliae (aka Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium). Many of her students have been successful in national and international competitions, and many have continued their careers as professional musicians and guitar teachers. Julia has supervised the internships and theses of university-level guitar students and conducted guitar teachers' trainings in cooperation with the EAMT Continuing Education Center.

In 2005–10, Julia was part of the Tallinn Guitar Quartet, alongside Heiki Mätlik, Kristo Käo, and Jorma Puusaag. In 2008–13, she was the chairwoman of the Estonian Guitar Society and organized several festivals, competitions, guitar camps, and advanced trainings for teachers. She has been a jury member at guitar competitions, assembled classical guitar syllabi for the Estonian Union of Music Schools, and translated instructional guitar books from English into Estonian (for Sinisukk and Tänapäev)

Julia has also studied cultural management and has worked as a producer for several opera, ballet, and other musical theatre projects. Her interest in teaching adults now sees her studying andragogy at the University of Tallinn.

HELIN HALLIK, guitar teacher

Helin Hallik is an outstanding young guitarist who has studied at the Tallinn Music High School under Julia Reinman, Vahur Kubja and Kirill Ogorodnikov. She has given many concerts both as a soloist and in an ensemble and has taken part in masterclasses of many famous guitarists (Goran Krivokapic, Tomasz Radziszewski, Dale Kavanagh, Gabriel Bianco, etc.). Helin has won prizes in several guitar competitions, the most notable of which are the 1st prize in the Tallinn guitar competition, the 3rd prize in the national competition "Best Young Instrumentalist" and the 3rd place in the Baltic Guitar Festival in Birstonas, Lithuania in 2018 and 2019.

Recently, Helin participated in the competition of young soloists "Klassikatähed" (Classical Stars) organized by the Estonian National Broadcasting, the attractive TV format of which brought many new admirers to her talent. Helin has grown up in the middle of music and considers cognition and depth to be the most important aspects of music. "I think that the performer must follow the composer's wishes when performing his or her work, but always also put a piece of oneself into the piece. In this way, harmony can be created between the composer, the performer and the listener. ”

MÄRTEN MÄNNISTE, guitar teacher

Märten Männiste is studying interpretation pedagogy at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in the guitar class of Kirill Ogorodnikov. He graduated with a gold medal from the Tallinn Music High School in 2020, where his teachers of classical guitar were Julia Reinman, Vahur Kubja and Sulo Kiivit. He has won first prizes in several national and international guitar competitions. In 2012 and 2016, he won first prize in the national competition "Best Young Instrumentalist".

Märten also enjoys singing and acting. He has participated in many theatre productions and TV series and dubbed numerous animated films. Since 2018, he has had a title role in the musical "Buratino" at the Estonian National Opera. In 2015, Märten won first place in the older age group as well as the Grand Prix in the national television singing competition "Laulukarussell" (Song Carousel). He actively gives concerts as part of the Männiste family band and also performs as a solo artist. Football helps Märten to keep his physical shape – he plays in the Estonian Premier League in Nõmme United team.

JOOSEP SANG, ukulele teacher

Joosep Sang teaches ukulele to children and adults and guides the 25-member Estonian Ukulele Orchestra. He has also taught ukulele in numerous courses, trainings and workshops. In addition, he conducts the 35-member orchestra Saku Mandolins and participates in several ensembles, playing various strings (ukulele, mandolin, bass, etc.).

Joosep has studied music theory at Tallinn Georg Ots Music School and musicology at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. For a long time, he worked as a singer of the Estonian National Male Choir. Currently, he works as a radio presenter at Klassikaraadio and editor at Muusika magazine. He has been the artistic leader of plucked strings instruments section for the last two Estonian Song and Dance Celebrations. He also has translated and edited several music books and created music and sound designs for theatrical productions.